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The timetable for the computation of deadlines shall be established in accordance with the calendar, date and official time published at the AECID Electronic Headquarters. All deadlines will end on the days specified at 14:00 hours of the AECID telematic registry.

The amount of an individual scholarship is detailed in each of the programs listed in Annex I of the Resolution of the call for applications. All the programs have a monthly allowance during the grant period and an accident insurance. In addition, there are other aids determined in each scholarship program, which can be consulted in the aforementioned Annex I.

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This call, which is the result of intense dialogue with NGDOs and the AECID’s commitment to the supervision of funds earmarked for cooperation, reinforces the Agency’s control mechanisms and provides for granting up to a maximum of 40 million per year for the period 2018-2021, amounting to a total of 160 million euros, and is open to Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs) that have passed a prior qualification process established by the AECID.

This call for proposals establishes five types of agreements: agreements to be developed in a single country, which will pay special attention to the coverage of basic social services and the inclusion of people in a particularly vulnerable situation; regional agreements, with special attention to the migration sector; emergency agreements; humanitarian action agreements with special attention to the Syrian refugee population in Jordan and/or Lebanon and the Saharawi refugee population; and agreements for Education for Development projects, an ongoing socio-educational process that promotes a global, critical and responsible citizenship committed to the fight against poverty and exclusion, as well as to sustainable development and Human Rights.

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The goal is to showcase the work of local artists, “a window to understand how cultural diversity is present throughout Central America, and how aspects having to do with nature and sustainability are part of the indigenous discourse of these artists,” Elena Gonzalez, head of Aecid’s Cultural Cooperation and Promotion Department, told EFE.

In each country, the exhibition will feature local artistic leaders with a recognized international trajectory, under the coordination of the project’s directors and curators: Tamara Díaz Bringas and Ricardo Ramón Jarne.

“The whole exhibition revolves around a non-Western cosmogony. We wanted to avoid having pieces that illustrate a previous theoretical discourse, so as not to fall into colonial narratives, but rather we wanted the pieces themselves and the artists, many of them indigenous, to generate their own discourse,” said Jarne.

The curators selected by each country are Illimani de los Andes in Nicaragua; Walterio Irahueta in El Salvador; Adrienne Samos in Panama; Julio Jose Mendez Lanza in Honduras; Gabriel Rodriguez Pellecer and Lucia Ixchiu in Guatemala; and Paula Piedra, Lola Malavasi and Daniela Morales in Costa Rica.

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In a press release, AECID welcomed the UN’s decision to establish this day as a way of drawing attention to a problem that affects more than 3.6 billion people -almost half the world’s population- who lack safe sanitation.

Since the beginning of its operations in 2009, one of the objectives of the Water Fund is the improvement of sanitation systems with programs that have given access to excreta systems -sewerage and latrines or septic tanks- to more than 300,000 households, while the sewerage systems of 111 health centers and 384 schools have been improved or built.

AECID’s note highlights that, since 2015, the Right to Sanitation has been included as a specific and independent right by the United Nations General Assembly and that wastewater treatment is included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda.

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