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Python is currently the most popular and fastest growing programming language. It is used by a wide range of profiles such as students, teachers, researchers in Social Sciences, Biology or Economics, online marketing professionals, developers, analysts or data scientists.

In this practical approach course, you will learn step by step how to program applications or websites in a practical and simple way. The course trains you as a self-sufficient professional, allowing you to immediately enter the job market.

Revit is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developed by Autodesk. BIM methodology and technology is the revolutionary and worldwide trend concept used in architecture, engineering and facility construction. Acquire the necessary skills to handle this software with ease and develop professionally in this sector.

SAP is currently the most widely used computer system in business management. This is the reason for the great demand for professional profiles in different areas that complement their basic training with the use of the SAP tool.

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Deusto Salud and the Catholic University of Murcia- Deusto Salud offers two diplomas for some of its training programs. The student will obtain the Deusto Salud diploma and the accredited degree issued by the Catholic University of Murcia.

We are a continuous training center specialized in health and natural therapies. We have numerous collaborations with organizations that certify the quality of our courses as well as courses with accreditation from the Catholic University of Murcia. Our teaching team is composed of active professionals in the world of health and natural therapies that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals by developing your vocation and your profession.

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“I am very happy and motivated because I like each subject more than the previous one and I am learning a lot. I want to continue expanding my knowledge especially in energy channels, chakras, reflexology and shiatsu as I find them exciting and very interesting topics”.

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(No Ratings Yet)Loading… The offer of online courses is becoming increasingly varied, specialized and numerous. On the one hand, this makes it easier for students to choose the distance learning courses they want to take, but it also poses a dilemma for the institutions in charge of attracting new students.

In distance learning, Deusto Formación is one of the most important institutions at the national level. Since its creation in 2005 by the Training and Professional Division of Grupo Planeta, more than 26,000 students have taken advantage of its training offer.

Deusto Formación’s online campus is a learning environment, a forum for participation and a channel of communication with professors, which brings the student experience closer to what it would be like to actually be in a face-to-face university.

Learning elements such as interviews with professionals in the sector in which the course is framed, a system of updating documentation in pdf, blogs, forums, online library… The resources that the student has to take advantage of are so varied that in the end the exposed agenda is just one more part of everything that really involves an online course in Deusto Formación.

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What is Deusto Formación? It is an initiative of Grupo Planeta to develop a new concept: specialized continuing education courses, with an online consultation service via telephone or telematically through its online Campus. The objective of Deusto Formación is to enable working professionals to adapt to the current competitive and demanding labor scenario and to boost their professional development. They will guide you to develop skills to organize your learning in a personalized way and integrate it with your rhythm of life, as well as to reinforce your digital competences (interaction, communication), with a learning environment that will motivate you to solve training and professional challenges.

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1 to 15 of 50 resultsEditing and Post-production of Digital VideoHigher online course taught by Deusto FormaciónIt will prepare you to learn the complete process of making a digital video. As students will see throughout the course, video editing is done from pre-existing audiovisual material, obtained from filming or animations created from illustrations or synthesis images.