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Next I will explain how, in my opinion, a quality real estate agency should work. If our real estate agency does not follow these guidelines, we should turn on a yellow caution light and make sure that our property or our request is being handled properly.

This is what you can immediately see: they answer my phone at once, they answer my emails immediately, they are friendly, if I ask for information they send it to me and if I want to visit the apartment again they make it easy for me. Good real estate agencies have understood that buyers and sellers are nowadays the gods of the real estate business, and must be treated as such. That’s why they give immediate response

As an owner, I will receive an exquisite but very clear treatment: they will explain to me the sale process, the steps we will follow, how to set the price. If I have to go down, they will explain exactly how much and why. I will have an intense relationship with them, they will keep me up to date on any offers that come in and we will meet often. They will detail their plan of action to sell my house, the advertising they are going to do, the audience of the media they advertise in. I will see that they are as involved as I am in the sale. That’s what I want

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For real estate agents it is faster to locate private owners who sell or rent properties and offer them their services through the automatic search engine Buscador de Particulares because it locates ads published ONLY BY PRIVATE ADVERTISERS AND NOT AGENCIES! and it also does it FROM SEVERAL ADVERTISING PORTALS AT THE SAME TIME! which saves time for a real estate agent when finding private ads to offer them their services and capture properties to add to their real estate portfolio.

It is a web page created by a person or group of people whose purpose is to be a kind of newspaper on the Internet so that people can find articles related to the main topic or main topics of the articles of the web page or advertising portal.

There are very similar to newspapers that contain their own exclusive articles with their own audiovisual material and that in order to make a profit and keep their employees who provide them with their own content (because they are companies), they need sponsors or advertisers to pay them.


Looking for an apartment or house for rent can be a simple task, even finding an alternative that more or less meets your expectations; however, finding the «perfect home» can be somewhat more complicated. In this article we give you the best tips and recommendations to find the ideal rental property in a short time and without too much effort, are you in?

Location, surface area or proximity to restaurants, schools or hospitals. These are the factors that, for many, determine whether or not it is worth renting a property, but beware of finding a property with many square meters but poorly distributed, or very close to leisure areas but noisy and hectic!

Fortunately, there are more and more options we have to find a property or a house to rent, some are more traditional and others are truly innovative, simple and effective.

And perhaps the first tip to find the perfect apartment or house is as simple as letting your family, friends and acquaintances know that you want to live in a rental property; this often brings with it great opportunities to find the ideal home. Now, we are going to review three different ways to look for houses and apartments for rent, mentioning their advantages and disadvantages.


When you move to another city for work or studies, one of the most difficult tasks is to find accommodation. If we add to this the fact that we usually try to find a place to live before moving, the option of using web pages to look for an apartment becomes an almost essential action.

It can be downloaded, installed and configured very quickly and its use is very simple: it has a geolocation map that allows you to find the closest rooms to the point of interest, you select the ones you are interested in and visualize the profiles of the apartments and once you find something you like, you mark it. If the apartment advertiser confirms and accepts you, the negotiation begins. Very favorable: the application does not act as an intermediary when it comes to putting landlord and tenant in contact, so it does not charge a commission.

Since its launch in 2015, Badi has been growing and becoming a reference when it comes to publishing, finding and booking rooms from anywhere in the world. A proposal that has had the support of investors ($45 million raised over five rounds of funding) and currently already has 80 people in a team led by its CEO and founder, Carlos Pierre.