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Dodgeball has never had a title that did it justice. Its worldwide popularity is enormous and we have had to wait until 2021 to see Knockout City land in our lives and give us a ball in the face.

The work of Electronic Arts has been on the market for ten days, time that lasted its trial period to be as clear as possible what we would find in the work. Free and without restrictions, everyone could access it to later buy the game, keeping the progress obtained.

So, if you have not yet given a chance to Velan Studios’ game, you can do it whenever you want. Think about giving your friends a head start if you all decide to sign up. Also, there are no cross-platform problems, as Knockout City features cross-progression and cross-play with all platforms.

Over the months the developer will be including new content in the form of maps, balls and modes to keep the community active. The game is currently available on consoles and PC, and on subscription services such as EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


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What’s that? You want MORE INFO on the ways you can get your hands on Knockout City on May 21st?Alright, here’s the :⭐ Knockout City will be included on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play at launch, May 21st⭐ Announcing: the Deluxe Edition Knockout City – Season 4: S O O N ™ (@knockoutcity) April 26, 2021

Knockout City is an online multiplayer where the core mechanic is throwing and catching balls. Rival teams will face each other with the goal of knocking each other down with balls. The game takes inspiration from online FPS, fighting games and beat ’em up games.

There are some special events planned in the first few weeks of Knockout City, so it’s a good time to start building your team. As a member of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will be able to play the full game, with all the maps and special balls.

Remember that if you are not a member it doesn’t matter, because you can buy Knockout City separately, for $19.99 USD. The game will feature cross-play between platforms and will be available for PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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With Knockout City Season 4 comes a new Battle Pass and all players start back at Level 1, so they must work their way up to Level 100 once again. Each level offers a different reward and the next Battle Pass will feature 5 weekly contracts, new Holobux offers, items in the store and more. Related: 2021 Olympic Games legendary player icons for Knockout City.

With the new season of Knockout City will come a new arena to grab us with balls, as the new map Alien Smash Site will be added, which takes us to a floating farm where several UFOs fell. The mechanics of this map allow players to jump on the saucers and float over the open pits below, allowing them to travel at high speeds without dropping the ball or losing their charge.As usual, Season 4 will feature new Playlists (game modes) that will be introduced weekly, plus two events are planned for the next 2 weeks, each offering exclusive rewards. Knockout City players will also be able to access alien ships as crew vehicles, as well as a new energy drink and daily items in the store. Read more: Legendary player icons from the LGBT+ community in Knockout City.

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