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Seeing a sky full of stars is not so easy. The fact is that they are there, along with a few planets too, but if you live in a place where light pollution is a barrier, you may want to leave home and go somewhere else. Pack your bags and travel to a destination where the contemplation of the firmament is free of obstacles and enjoy with all the guarantees of a sky full of celestial bodies.

Traditionally you could look for a rural destination, choose a day where the moon does not reflect much light, try to get the weather right, avoid the clouds, lie down on your blanket and look up waiting for the stars to be seen before you. But today, luckily for astronomy lovers, star tourism or astrotourism is in vogue and more and more accommodations are specially prepared to enjoy the sky in all its splendor.

Thus, astrotourism combines the observation of the night sky with the dissemination and leisure activities related to astronomy. And if there is a clear promoter of this tourism that encourages stargazing, it is undoubtedly the Starlight Foundation, a non-profit organization launched in 2009 by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) that encourages us to care for, value and admire our night skies.

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We have a few months ahead of us to enjoy the most spectacular sightings in the areas specially certified by the Starlight Foundation. Some of these areas are very remote and it is not always easy to find hotels, but we have made an effort to offer you the most special ones, those that are committed to astronomical tourism or those that will guarantee you a more comfortable stay without having to drive long distances. Let yourself be embraced by the Universe.

It is the first Starlight reserve in the world and the site of one of the largest astronomical complexes on the planet. Here astronomical observation is protected by law. A magnificent place where the clouds pass below the observatories, being at an altitude of 2,400 meters, and the nights are dark. Perfect to be embraced by the universe.

A hotel inspired by the exotic island of Bali. A five-star establishment ideal for those looking to relax in style and located in a privileged enclave in the area of Chayofa and very close to the astronomical observatory of Granadilla de Abona.

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The requirements include formal adherence to the Sartlight Declaration of La Palma, a commitment to uncontamination of the sky around them, having at least one night telescope, hiring a trained guide or monitor to give classes, organize courses or conduct astronomical observations, and provide guidance material (planispheres, charts of the firmament, etc.) for the implementation of these astronomical sessions.

More than for its stellar activities, this rural hotel has received the accreditation of the Starlight Foundation for the clarity of its sky, in a natural space, the Sierra de Grazalema in Cadiz, protected from light pollution. However, when it happens, sessions are organized in collaboration with the Agrupación Astronómica de Cádiz Hércules. Lunar eclipses offer a magnificent occasion for this. While the evening is prepared in the Tambor del Llano, the white villages are in sight in daylight hours. Or, facing the mountains, the evening lends itself to the reading of Lorca: “The horseman approached / playing the drum of the plain”.

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Who are we? Where do we come from? These questions have been asked by mankind since the beginning of time. There are many who believe that our origin is in space, from a distant galaxy, perhaps from a “planet beyond Orion”.    Fascinated by the magic of the stars, planets, black holes, galaxies… they do not hesitate to look for hidden and natural places without a hint of light pollution in which to be dazzled by the firmament.

In this Girona hotel the rooms have no walls or ceiling, they are transparent bubbles in which “It is a wonder to feel so close to the stars and experience this way of looking at the sky”. Located in the surroundings of a farmhouse, privacy is assured because they have a private garden and are distanced from each other so that you can isolate yourself in body and mind from the environment and enjoy the sky. So much so that “If you stay watching the stars for a while you can see how they “change” and you realize the movement of the earth”.

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