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Renting is the ideal formula to enjoy a car without having to buy it. It is a medium to long term rental, depending on the term you choose, from 36 to 72 months, which includes all the expenses associated to the use and maintenance of the vehicle during the whole life of the contract (revisions, repairs, assistance, insurance and taxes).

Yes, in this case it is the amount equivalent to a full monthly payment, which will be returned at the end of the contract. The deposit is charged on the same day as the first monthly payment, but as a different concept. Identified with the concept “Deposit”.

It will depend on each leasing contract. You can check what your leasing contract includes in detail in the particular conditions of the contract. However, in a generic way, they include: Standard maintenance and unlimited tires. Periodic maintenance and unforeseen repairs of the vehicle (not including misuse), in the priority network of mechanical, body and glass workshops. With full repair guarantee. When you contract your new leasing vehicle, tires for puncture and blowout will be included. You can currently consult the priority network workshops by calling 931 110 110.

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If you are considering hiring renting la Caixa we tell you everything you need to know about this company that belongs to the CaixaBank group (formerly known as La Caixa) and specializes in long-term car rental.

In short, with renting cars la Caixa you are assured of a new or relatively new vehicle and well maintained with spare parts, gaining in reliability and safety on the road. And you don’t have to worry about anything else, even when you leave your car in the workshop you will have a replacement car courtesy of lacaixa renting.

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Car leasing is gaining more and more followers in our country every day due to the different advantages it offers customers when purchasing a new vehicle. This is causing many companies and car manufacturers to focus their commercial activity on this type of purchase, which also includes banks. Today we analyze everything you need to know about La Caixa car leasing.

– The leasing fee is accounted for directly as a current expense, avoiding various accounting entries. In addition, it integrates in a monthly payment the different services that otherwise would have to be contracted separately.

– It allows the use of the asset without having to make outlays for its purchase. It is not computed as indebtedness and, therefore, does not reduce credit capacity, and all leasing costs are known in advance.

– For companies and liberal professionals whose property is used for professional activity, the leasing fee is a deductible expense. Also, the VAT of the installment is compensable up to the total amount.

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Advantages of the renting of La CaixaThere are many advantages of contracting a renting service with La Caixa. Ease, comfort and simplicity are the main advantages of hiring a renting service for companies, freelancers and even individuals. Get to know all the benefits:

Renting la Caixa offers you one of the best service plans for greater productivity and benefits; facilitating long-term financing and one of the best payment experience. All renting vehicles provided by La Caixa have the advantage that they are financed by the bank itself and also have all the services offered by any renting company.

La Caixa is also specialized in the renting of technological equipment, production equipment, among others… The Caixabank Renting has payment facilities that will drive you to success, it is only up to you to make it happen. Achieve your goals as an entrepreneur and be one of the lucky ones who manage to grow their business with the renting services offered by Caixabank.

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