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At Sibuya, in addition to providing innovative and appetizing sushi, one of our fundamental requirements is that our ingredients are always of the highest quality. This makes the experience and taste of our dishes unparalleled.

Sibuya is a new concept of sushi, much more daring and original. We have a menu with different touches to a traditional Japanese, with innovative sushi recipes that go a step beyond what you already know, to offer you something that will open the Japanese borders and will approach you as no one had ever done before.

At Sibuya, it’s not just the taste that’s important. For us, the ambience is a fundamental part of the experience. We want you to feel at home, with our calm and relaxed decoration you will leave your problems and worries at the door to enjoy the most with us.

sibuya urban sushi bar madrid

After almost 3 months of confinement, it’s time to hit the streets again; to visit the bars again. And what better way to do it than going back to one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Madrid: Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar.

And if you still don’t dare to sit in a restaurant, Sibuya Madrid (in collaboration with Uber Eats) has prepared an exclusive promotion in which you can choose a dish from 3 proposed and the second unit of the dish is only 1 €. To receive this delivery at your home in Madrid just click here.

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Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar, a brand belonging to the Leonese restaurant group Grupo Sibuya SL, continues its unstoppable pace of growth, implementing its business model throughout the country.

Sibuya embodies a new concept of sushi, much more daring, fun and original. The brand, which has a menu with different touches to a traditional Japanese menu, bases its success on innovative recipes, where not only the taste is important. At Sibuya, the ambience is a fundamental part of the experience. Its restaurants have a calm and relaxed decoration, creating a zen atmosphere where to leave problems and worries behind.

sibuya urban sushi bar menu

In 180 m2, Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar recreates a careful and welcoming environment for the diner but, at the same time, standardizes processes and rationalizes stock management, eliminating highly specialized personnel. Despite this, no one would say that the concept is a chain development, whose expansion is being carried out under the franchise formula, since all the dishes are prepared on site, on the spot and with top quality raw materials.

In short, the development of the concept has been based on criteria of quality and adaptation to a broad customer base, but also on the commercial factors that turn a business into a sales success.

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