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Located at the confluence of Conde Aranda and César Augusto streets, Taste of America is a gourmet store specializing in American products, where American food lovers will find genuine and authentic food and drinks.

Among its wide variety of products, curiosities such as Coca-Cola flavors that are only sold in the United States, Tyrrels potato chips of all flavors, cans of Campbell’s soup, Reese’s peanut butter, all kinds of sauces and condiments (Fiddes Payne, Paul Newman or Urban accents), Hershey’s chocolates, bagels, muffins, brownies, pancakes and cereals stand out.  Taste of America has more than 2,000 products.

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In our store in Zaragoza you can find the famous Yankee Candle candles, from the moment of lighting to its complete combustion Yankee Candle candles give off a delicious, long-lasting and clean aroma that will be, without a doubt, a perfect complement to any interior. The candles contain a large amount of aromatic oils and extracts. Each of the fragrant scents is a true reminder of the ingredient, place or experience that inspires it. The ambiance they can create in your home – relaxing, festive or refreshing – is entirely up to you.

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Welcome to Taste of America Zaragoza. Our store in the Aragonese capital is located in a fantastic corner, at the confluence of Conde Aranda and Cesar Augusto streets. A large and spacious store where fans of American food and culture will be able to find everything they need.

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Please note that the information for Taste of America In Zaragoza, Calle Conde Aranda, 1. (corner Cesar Augusto), and all other Stores are for reference only.it is recommended that you contact the Store Tel: 976 43 94 27, prior to your visit to verify details and other questions you may have.opening hours on Holidays:

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Conde de Aranda Nº2 / Colegio; Pº María Agustín; Paseo Echegaray Y Caballero – S. Juan De Los Panetes; Paseo Pamplona. 12; Hernan Cortes Nº9; Pza. Del Portillo; Pº María Agustín; San Vicente Paul; Pº Mª Agustín; Paseo María Agustín; Zaragoza – El Portillo.

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