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The relay delivery offer is ideal for shoppers on e-commerce sites. In your online store, the buyer can choose the delivery point closest to his home or workplace (usually a local store). The package will be available for 14 days at the relay point.

Mondial Relay was founded in 1997 and is a subsidiary of the OTTO Group, which in turn offers parcel delivery services to private individuals at relay points. Mondial Relay is an expert in the delivery of light parcels for retailers.

With Mondial Relay, it is possible to deliver to the recipient’s home or to a relay point. Several types of retailers can become relay points and become part of the Mondial Relay network and collect parcels.

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With this package well although, as usual, it has taken a long time to arrive. There is another one that I dropped off the same day as this one that has not arrived yet. I have spoken to customer service and they have opened a claim. I hope it hasn’t been lost but it hasn’t moved for 8 days now.

Fatal, it couldn’t be any worse. There was an error in the app and the delivery and pick up point was the same. Without even looking at it, at that point they scanned the label, and that way I could never be reimbursed because it consisted as sent and did not move from there. I had to pay for another shipment, lousy deal at the store and from Mondial Relay. I do not recommend this item at all and Mondial is not helpful.

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It did not move from there, there was an error on the label and the point where they delivered it was the collection point and the person at the store did not even look, just scanned it, taking for granted a shipment that was not made but they did charge me. Fatal attention by e-mail. Never again

We noticed that the shipment for which we consulted you was withdrawn from the initial pack point on 10/21, we scanned it in our facilities on 10/22 and we put it in delivery to the destination point on 10/22, being delivered the same day in the store. You can track your shipment at www.puntopack.es

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The irruption of new technologies and the Internet, as well as the emergence of a new type of consumer, have revolutionized the concept of lifelong shopping. The current buyer demands greater variety, likes to compare, to buy when he has time in a comfortable way and not to have geographical limitations for it. That is why eCommerce is having so much success. And online commerce needs companies like us that are able to offer, at highly competitive prices, flexible and efficient ways of delivering orders.

In addition to the above aspects, more and more people prefer an environmentally friendly parcel delivery system, and this sensitivity is what determines the type of company they choose.    In this sense, we not only reduce and recycle packaging, but our carriers, by carrying many packages to the same destination, pollute less.

Our network of convenience points is very varied in terms of the type of businesses that collaborate with us. Of course, there are many bookstores and stationers, but also computer stores, printer cartridge refills, dry cleaners, and so on. All these stores are selected because they have long opening hours and are open on Saturdays. This means that the traffic we generate to these stores is spread throughout the week.

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Ahorre en sus gastos de envío utilizando las soluciones Mondial Relay y envíe sus paquetes en relevo. Los envíos Mondial Relay ofrecen más flexibilidad a sus clientes para recuperar sus paquetes en los puntos de entrega.

Benefíciese de los más de 8.000 Puntos de Relevo® en Francia, Bélgica, Luxemburgo o España para entregar a sus clientes en Francia y Europa a un menor coste. Aproveche el modo de notificación de Mondial Relay por correo electrónico o SMS, que le informa de la disponibilidad de los paquetes. Envíe de forma segura, sus paquetes se entregan en los Puntos de Relevo® contra firma en un plazo de 3 a 5 días laborables.Nota: el paquete permanece en los Puntos de Relevo® durante 10 días laborables y luego regresa gratuitamente a los Puntos de Relevo® de envío. Entrega notificada por correo electrónico el día de la entrega y/o por SMS.

Con sus 8.000 puntos de relevo sólo en Francia, Mondial Relay es un peso pesado en la entrega por relevo. Si a ello se añade su presencia en 16 países europeos gracias a Hermes Logistik, se obtiene un transportista con una importante red europea. Creada en 1997, la empresa entregó 58 millones de paquetes en 2016.