Fontana di trevi 2019

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Exclusivo y nuevo apartamento, de moderno diseño interior y cuidado en cada detalle, cómodo y tranquilo, con una maravillosa y encantadora vista de la Fontana di Trevi, la fuente más grande y famosa de Roma. En pocos minutos a pie se puede llegar a la Plaza de España, la Plaza Navona y el Panteón. Ubicación ideal para disfrutar del corazón de Roma y de sus bellezas especiales y únicas. Guía para los mejores restaurantes, Wifi disponible para los huéspedes, guía turístico privado, servicio de traslado a / desde los aeropuertos / estación.

El barrio de Trevi es el lugar ideal para unas vacaciones en el corazón de Roma. La famosa y encantadora fuente es el monumento más importante, no menos importantes son las iglesias llenas de obras maestras de arte, museos, calles románticas, excelentes restaurantes y tiendas. Además, la zona está bien comunicada con los lugares de mayor interés turístico de Roma: se puede acceder fácilmente a pie a la Plaza de España (10 minutos) y a la Plaza Navona (15 minutos); con el transporte público, el Vaticano está a unos 15 minutos y el Coliseo a 25 minutos.

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In the list of the great losses brought by the pandemic to the tourism industry, the money generated by this custom is one of them, as a result of the lack of circulation of tourists. In 2019, 1.5 million euros in coins were collected (about 4,100 euros per day), a not inconsiderable figure that even brought political discussions.

And then, of course, the beauty of its details: the Corinthian pilasters linking the two floors, the carved rock that seems smooth as water, the seashell-shaped chariot and the hippocampi, plus a sturdy triumphal arch. “Taming the waters” is the motto of the gigantic fountain (20 meters wide and 26 meters high), which is featured in numerous films.

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And it is also one of those that suffers most from the inappropriate behavior of tourists who, disobeying the rules, sit on the edge of the fountain or even seek to get into the water to imitate that famous scene from La dolce vita.

Although a mandatory tour for tourists had already been established in 2017, precisely to protect it from acts of vandalism, the measures seem not to have been enough and now the city seeks to build a barrier around the fountain.

The resolution approved by the Council also includes the need to take action against the huge number of street vendors that invade the most touristic areas of Rome, both around the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, to name a few.

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