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Lanzada en 1943, Medicina Clínica es una revista quincenal orientada a la promoción de la investigación y la práctica clínica entre los especialistas en medicina interna y otros. Las características fundamentales de Medicina Clínica son el rigor científico y metodológico de sus manuscritos, la actualidad de sus contenidos y, sobre todo, su enfoque práctico con información de gran utilidad para la práctica clínica. Medicina Clínica tiene un interés predominante en la publicación de manuscritos originales de investigación, que son rigurosamente seleccionados en función de su calidad, originalidad e interés, y también de manuscritos de formación médica continuada, que son encargados por la revista a autores relevantes (Editoriales, Revisiones y Diagnóstico y Tratamiento). Estos manuscritos contienen temas actualizados de gran relevancia clínica o conceptual en la medicina moderna.

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As Radio Murcia Cadena SER Radio Murcia told you, the National Police is investigating what happened on Thursday night at the leisure center ZigZag in Murcia after receiving a complaint from a young woman who claims to have been drugged against her will.

In his opinion, it is important for anyone who suspects they have been intoxicated with this substance to save and freeze a urine sample within 48 hours so that it can be analyzed by an appropriate laboratory.

This type of substance leaves no odor or taste, so it is virtually undetectable in a drink, if mixed with alcohol its effects are multiplied. That is why it is important to never lose sight of our glass and to count on the support and strength of the group of friends so that the intoxicated person is not left alone.

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Aurelio Luna affirms that the use of these “drugs of abuse” is not a daily occurrence, but when someone has access to the substance, they tend to use it continuously, generating what is called “an outbreak”.

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The Guardia Civil has reported that it has also seized twelve vehicles, 3,600 euros in cash and has seized and blocked 14 real estate assets worth 1,500,000 and the commercial activity of eleven “front” companies.

They then contacted criminal groups dedicated to hashish trafficking based in Melilla or Morocco, who were in charge of supplying them with the agreed drugs from Morocco.

With the profits they had obtained, they had more than a dozen “front” companies, which, using “mercantile engineering”, they activated or deactivated to launder the profits that drug trafficking provided without raising suspicions to the administration.

As a result of the analysis of the criminal network, 14 real estate properties valued at 1,500,000 euros have been seized, as well as the intervention and control of up to eleven front companies used to avoid detection.

The police spokesman has highlighted that from the efforts and information obtained from the criminal network, the agents located in the province of Valencia an indoor marijuana laboratory in a garage.

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The director of the Institute in this demarcation, Manuel Salguero, has assured Efe that 50% of these cases were of people who had consumed alcohol in excess and 30% benzodiazepines (valium, orfidal or tranxilium), pills against insomnia that are cheap, easy to obtain and “very addictive”.

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After having several drinks in a short time in order to get drunk quickly, the girls are “absolutely vulnerable” and suffer sexual aggression from acquaintances and also from “opportunists”, who do not know the victim but abuse her when they see that she offers no opposition.

When there is a complaint of possible chemical submission, the director of the Institute explained that a protocol drawn up by the Ministry of Justice is applied, which includes the collaboration of the health sector with the forensic doctor in the “urgent” taking of samples, fundamentally blood and urine.

Urine, however, offers a “longer detection time than blood for chemical substances, which can take up to several days, as in the case of cannabinoids and metabolites of some benzodiazepines” or insomnia pills, the protocol specifies.