El arte de pasar de todo pelicula completa en español

The art of passing on everything netflix

Freshly eaten and lying on the couch and with my eyes half lit, and I say come one of those movies that I call desktop, teen roll movies with a more or less acceptable story and that make you gradually go closing the light in the eyes hehehe, well it has not been so bad, even surprised me. The argument tells us a… See more

Indeed I have completely ignored all the bad reviews and I have dedicated myself to see the film directly and without a doubt it has amazed me. So much so that it has slipped into my top 10 favorite movies this time replacing the great Ruby Sparks. But well, I’m not here to talk about my favorite movies but about this fantastic,… See more

Art of living film

Gavin Wiesen’s first film in which he achieves a good balance between making a light indie film and a story that talks about real and interesting things. To do so, he elaborates a simple script, fresh in the repartee and not pretentious. Gavin handles the clichés well, which almost disappear or bother less because the film deals with other important experiences. One of the most dealt with is the aftermath of family disintegration, which always affects children, even if in their adolescence they hide it under a cloak of disdain or disinterest or invulnerability.

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George is at the end of his high school life and has passed from grade to grade without having lifted a finger. His ability to draw is evident, but he shows no interest in art classes either. With no social life, he befriends one of the most popular girls in the class, Sally. Each of them has their family difficulties, which make their fears on the threshold of adulthood more apparent. The set of relationships is completed with Dustin, a former high school student turned promising young artist, in whom George projects himself.

The art of passing all cinecalidad

Words cannot describe in words all the feelings that invade you when watching Luca Guadagnino’s film. Four Oscar nominations could be considered insufficient with all the value that exists in this masterpiece. It is mandatory to see it in the coming weeks and if possible in original version so that it does not lose its essence. And let’s not forget to talk about its soundtrack that is pure art.

The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is palpable from the first shot in which they appear on screen. After this one, they came 4 other movies together, so it’s not for nothing, right? The bright side of things has that halo that grabs you from minute one and leaves you with a feeling of optimism and happiness that you can’t control.

Two women meet during a summer in Rome and in the course of one day they give themselves body and soul to each other within the four walls of a hotel room. Romanticism and sensuality at its best.

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Can sex without commitment exist between friends without either party being harmed? This is the hypothesis that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake try to test throughout the film. The end result? You can imagine, but at least the laughs are guaranteed!

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Main actors: Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Sam Robards, Jarlath Conroy, Rita Wilson, Alicia Silverstone, Ann Dowd, Sasha Spielberg, Marcus Carl Franklin, Blair Underwood

Gavin Wiesen’s feature debut, writer and screenwriter. The performances are fine. First-time filmmaker Wiesen doesn’t get into any trouble, trying to attract attention with a pretentious film, but his reflections on youthful disorientation are interesting, and he is also quite positive. It achieves a typical American ‘indie’ film and more than makes the most of the tight budget (Decine21 / Almudí JD). READ MORE