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Drawings of beautiful flowers

Although it is true that flowers have been used for several purposes, like the elaboration of medicines for the treatment of certain affections or their incorporation as an ingredient in the kitchen, their true function is in nature. Their nectar allows feeding a great variety of insects, birds and animals and in turn contributes to the reproduction of a plant by attracting external pollinators. The most common insects that feed on flower nectar are bees, wasps, ants and butterflies.

As we have already mentioned, the care of flowers is very important, especially when they live with us at home. We want to give you some tips to prevent your flowers from wilting and to keep them always fresh:

Easy flower drawings

Undoubtedly, these images will connect your children with a deep romanticism, since flowers themselves evoke that overflowing sensation of feelings. These naturally represent feelings such as love or gratitude, and it is an expression of nature that has been rooted in society in a very complete way and has developed its own meaning.

They invite you to paint in a variety of colors. In fact, they use their hues as a mechanism of attraction for animals involved in the pollination process to approach them. Nature in this respect has turned out to be an original and wonderful canvas, and that is why there are flowers in a variety of incredible shades. Red, yellow, orange, lilac, pink and an infinity of pigments are the ones that adorn these natural beauties.

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This is your chance. Download all the types that you will find in our website and fill them with colors. The natural ones by themselves are already quite incredible, but you can always give each one the color you prefer. You can imagine the aromas that each of your flowers will have after painting them, a great natural perfume and a great way to give rise to creativity in a really different and genuine way.

Easy and beautiful flowers to draw

4. Draw a rose nine stepsSource: easypeasyandfun One of the most difficult flowers to draw is the rose, but if you use this simple technique you will get it in just nine steps. Everyone will be amazed.Steps

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Flowers easy drawing

Who doesn’t like flowers? They are probably one of the things that mother nature gives us more related to the beauty that we can find. Regardless of nationality, culture or even in the time in which we live, flowers will remain a reference of a concept so important for art and that we have talked a lot on this site: aesthetics.

To celebrate the beauty of these plants (or rather: element proper to plants, not to say “reproductive system”) today we bring you 30 examples of flower drawings for your inspiration. We know there are millions of examples all over the web, but we tried to choose some significant ones from each category, that is, you can find from the typical realistic flowers with complex structures, to some simple sketches that achieve their purpose. If you are learning to draw or want to get inspired to create some beautiful flowers, this post is for you.

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