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In 1993, the film was deemed “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” by the U.S. Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.[4] The film was also selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Mike Vargas (Charlton Heston) and Susan Vargas (Janet Leigh) are a newlywed couple consisting of a Mexican policeman and his American wife who interrupt their honeymoon trip after witnessing the explosion of a car driven by a drug gangster at the border. The case leads policeman Vargas to work on the investigation alongside Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles); a corrupt and obese U.S. police chief, who does not hesitate to fabricate false evidence to accuse a young man he believes is guilty of planting the bomb. Vargas knows the evidence is not real and begins his own investigation, and discovers that Quinlan and some border gangsters are directly linked to the murder.

Susan falls into the hands of the border gangsters. The woman is drugged and used to discredit the right Vargas in order to get him to drop his investigation. Vargas begins a race against time in which he accumulates enough evidence to unmask the dirty boss Quinlan and save his wife. In the end, Tanya (Marlene Dietrich), a mysterious and enigmatic gypsy who in the past had a relationship with Hank Quinlan, foreshadows his sad and fateful end.

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As a consequence of this tense relationship, he decided to leave the United States to take on the projects he wanted to do, and to do them the way he wanted to do them. So he shot Macbeth (1947), Othello (1952) and Mister Arkadin (1955), after which he decided to return to his country and accept the commission to direct ‘Thirst for Evil’. He would have total creative freedom, he was assured. So the first thing he did was to rewrite the script.

The shooting ended and Universal, producer of the film, was not satisfied with the results, which is why he decided to make a new editing, this time including scenes shot by another director behind Welles’ back. Welles, observing what they had done with his work, wrote an exalted 58-page document where he asked the production company to edit the film once again, this time according to his plan.

Today it is considered a masterpiece, and one of the best films in the brilliant filmography of the director of ‘Citizen Kane’. It is a complex crime film framed within film noir, known especially for its famous opening scene: a 3-minute sequence shot that is a prodigy of technique and a sign of the ambition with which the American director faced this new work.

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This Orson Welles film had an estimated running cost of US$ 829,000 and was produced and/or financed by Universal International Pictures (UI).DISTRIBUTORS OF THIS FILM in original language in Argentina, Mexico and United States.

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No te quedes en el pasado, no sueñes con el futuro, concentra la mente en el momento presente. No te dejes intimidar por el silencio. Nunca permitas que te conviertan en víctima. No aceptes la definición de tu vida por parte de nadie; defínete a ti mismo.

No es el más fuerte de la especie el que sobrevive, ni el más inteligente el que sobrevive. Es el que más se adapta al cambio. Todos los cambios, incluso los más anhelados, tienen su melancolía; porque lo que dejamos atrás es una parte de nosotros mismos; debemos morir a una vida antes de poder entrar en otra.

Toma una idea. Haz de esa idea tu vida: piensa en ella, sueña con ella, vive de esa idea. Deja que el cerebro, los músculos, los nervios, cada parte de tu cuerpo, se llene de esa idea, y deja cualquier otra idea en paz. Este es el camino hacia el éxito.

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