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Old but beautiful choritos

THE LION KING is an exceptional show, the result of the union of world-renowned musical and theatrical talents and the fusion of the most sophisticated disciplines of African, Western and Asian performing arts.

“I am very happy to be part of this magical adventure. I am very happy because in the theater you learn a lot of things while having a great time, and you also meet new and fun people”.

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Absence villamar brothers

By the middle of the same decade, the psychedelic lifestyle had already developed in California and an entire subculture had developed. This was true particularly in San Francisco, due in part to the first large underground LSD factory, established there by Owsley Stanley.[12] The first bands to give glimpses of psychedelic rock and roll in the early days of the psychedelic rock scene were the first bands to make a splash.

Among the first bands to give glimpses of psychedelic rock we have the Canterbury scene with the Wilde Flowers, or also with the other name it acquired, Daevid Allen Trio. Later, the members of these bands would give origin to important groups like Soft Machine, Gong and Soft Heap among others.

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Psychedelic bands like Fifty Foot Hose and Lothar and The Hand People in California, and Silver Apples or The United States Of America, became cult for daring to create mind-blowing effects with primitive electronic instruments, among them oscillators, theremin and radio sets.

It is often mentioned that in the seventies most of the psychedelic bands of the sixties that continued to be active in the US and UK (Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, The Society of Fleeting Mysteries, etc) left psychedelia behind and in many cases mutated towards the style known as progressive rock and similar genres (e.g. The Soft Machine towards jazz fusion, the Camels with their references to Celtic folk and touches of jazz rock, Yes appearing from members of defunct psychedelic bands like Tomorrow and Syn). There were cases in the UK and the US where there was another tendency to develop a style more convergent with what was appearing in the mainstream (e.g. Jefferson Airplane that became the rock-pop band Jefferson Starship or the case of the British T. Rex that mutated from acid folk to rock and roll. Rex who mutated from acid folk to Glam rock with Marc Bolan). A third trend maintained a psychedelic perspective while developing their sound towards progressive rock or space rock (e.g. Gong, Hawkwind or Arthur Brown).

Pentecostal choruses

This work by the Cuantas Veces singer includes the participation of great artists such as José Luis Perales, Raphael, Franco de Vita and Gloria Estefan. They joined Carlos Rivera in a duet to perform his greatest hits, such as Nada Particular.

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Miguel Bosé also shared the promotional image of the song. But he has also shared moments of the video clip recording, which he enjoyed to the fullest. So much so that the artist can be seen partying with the crew.

Put oil and the galilee master

This is possibly 50% of my day to day use. The reason is that I use it for anything I’m not going to do immediately. If I plug in the vacuum or camera battery charger I tell the assistant to remind me after two hours. If I have to take out the trash at night I ask it to do it in the middle of the day, my memory is terrible. If I have to tell my partner something but I don’t want to bother her at work or with a WhatsApp, I write it down.

Another of the functions that I use the most, and I know that many other people do too, is to write down food items on the shopping list. The best thing about this is that you do it in real time while you realize something is missing, but also from another part of the house if you remember later. You can even jot things down while your partner is in the supermarket.

Obviously there are many other commands I use, from controlling YouTube or Netflix to pause a video to timers or turning on lights, but I use them less than the ones I have listed in this article. If you are interested in learning more be sure to watch this video: